Call for Sessions: The 2015 Just Giving Conference Baltimore, MD April 8 – 10, 2015

The EDGE Funders Alliance has issued a call for session proposals for the 2015 just giving conference, April 8 – 10, 2015. Baltimore, MD. The conference theme is “BETTER, NOT MORE; Decommodifying Nature – Reimagining Work – Liberating Knowledge – Democratizing Wealth”.

About the Conference and this Call for Sessions

As we assess the current state of our world and consider together the elements that are essential to a ‘just transition’, and ultimately, a just economy, we are called to consider four goals: to decommodify nature, reimagine work, liberate knowledge and democratize wealth. These are interrelated, especially as they demand attention to the notion of enclosures – the private appropriation of resources previously held in common – and to the need for an alternative collaborative economy promoting the common good. We should consider:

· How are nature, work, knowledge and wealth being appropriated for private ends?

· How can such enclosures be resisted, and reversed?

· How are local, translocal, and transnational movements engaging in this work?

· How can philanthropy support their efforts?

To learn more about the call for sessions and to submit a session proposal, click here

Session proposals may be submitted by grantmakers or members of the wider philanthropic community who will be attending the conference. Members potential members will be given priority in the selection process. 

Registration for the conference open in mid January 2015. 

Session proposals due Jan 19, 2015