South Asia Women’s Fund is now Women’s Fund Asia

On 8th March 2018, International Women’s Day, Tulika Srivastav announced the transmogrification of the South Asia Women’s Fund to Women’s Fund Asia, expanding the work of the fund to 18 countries in Asia. In a message to partners and friends, Tulika wrote:

The journey to become Women’s Fund Asia consisted of many consultations, debates and deliberations! The limited presence of women’s funds in Asia, especially those working across the region, and the need for resources steeped in feminist approach and understanding, made the decision for us! 

We humbly acknowledge the responsibility of this mandate given to us by the women and trans led groups in the region. We hope in this we will be able to bring in resources for, and mobilise activists and organisations across Asia with the same commitment which we focussed on in South Asia.

This mandate of our evolved identity is based on programming undertaken across the region since 2016. We stand on the work of vibrant organisations undertaking ground-breaking work on issues such as labour rights, LBTIQ rights, sex workers’ rights, indigenous women’s rights, rights of women with disabilities among others across the region!

The fund is a feminist donor organisation that supports the realisation of the human rights of women and trans* people in Asia. To know more visit