How philanthropy can tackle the root causes of injustice

We are excited to be co-organising an interactive plenary at the upcoming Arab Foundations Forum Annual meeting.

Philanthropic resources are typically used to promote human development and ease the symptoms of injustice, largely through services or development projects. Some have begun to question the ultimate impact of these approaches in altering social, economic, and political inequalities. All societies continue to face the same issues of poverty, exclusion, or discrimination with little effect on the structural contexts that give rise to them. What difference would it make if, rather than focus on the symptoms of unjust treatment, philanthropy tackled root causes of injustice?

In this session, we will be exposed to examples from Africa and the Arab region that suggest new ways to reframe the nature of our work and thus increase the effectiveness of scarce philanthropic resources. This session will have a fast-paced interview format, combining reflections from the field and example-driven interventions with interactive table discussions; we want to ensure that everyone is part of the conversation.

At the end of the session, there will be a useful takeaway for everyone!

Join us!

Date: Sept 17, 2012
Time: 12:30 p.m. – 02:00 p.m.

Moderator: Dr. Barbara Ibrahim, Director, John D. Gerhart Center for Philanthropy and Civic Engagement, The American University in Cairo (AUC), Egypt / AFF Member

Dr . Noha El-Mikawy, Representative, Middle East and North Africa, Ford Foundation, Egypt
Dr . Shahida El Baz, Director, Arab and African Research Center, Egypt
Dr . Hillary Gilbert, Chair, Community Foundation for South Sinai, Egypt
Ms. Halima Mahomed, Philanthropy Program Advisor, Trust Africa, South Africa
Mr . Oussama Rifahi, Executive Director, Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC), Lebanon / AFF Member