5 Reasons Why FRIDA Grants are Unique

A version of this post first appeared on http://youngfeministfund.org/ on June 30, 2014

After four years since it’s founding, FRIDA remains the only youth-led fund in the world focused exclusively on supporting global young feminist activism.

Here are the top 5 reasons why FRIDA grants are unique. We’d like to hear from you, why YOUR grants and grantmaking processes are unique? What value do they provide to applicants, potential grant recipients, and the broader social justice movements? What else can we as grantmaking foundations add to our grantmaking to support progressive social change in our societies?

1. FRIDA’s grants are small but FLEXIBLE.


They can be used on what matters most for newly established groups to create an impact. From getting your group formally registered, to renting a safe space, to paying for utilities, and to covering local transport costs for socio-economically disadvantaged community members to actually get to these spaces, FRIDA grants can be used every step of the way.

2. One grant equals multiple RESOURCES.


In addition to the grant, FRIDA provides additional support for groups to strengthen their own capacity, connects groups with one another to share skills and ideas, and convinces other funders to support young feminist organizing and the larger movement.

3. INCLUSIVITY is key to strengthening a global movement.


Groups can apply to FRIDA in five different languages and do not need to be registered in order to receive funds. This means FRIDA can reach newly established groups or groups that choose to remain underground in order to work with very marginalized communities.

4. What is a movement without DIVERSITY? 


FRIDA is committed to funding organizations and initiatives that are unlikely to be funded by more traditional funding sources because they might be too small, are working with highly discriminated communities, using radical strategies to challenge the status quo, or taking risks on new ideas.

5. ACTION speaks louder than words.



FRIDA does things differently by using a participatory grantmaking model that lets applicants vote on the best proposals. This shifts decision-making power between funders and grantees, and increases collective accountability and community among young feminist groups.