Just Published – Effective Philanthropy: Another Take

The Working Group on Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace is thrilled to share with you Effective Philanthropy: Another Take, a collection of 11 stories describing a philanthropic intervention against some form of injustice (socioeconomic and/or political) at a local, national or global scale.

Each story addresses seven key questions grantmakers wrestle with in order to effect systemic social change.

What is the problem? What is the solution? How do we address it?  What are the risks?What are the challenges? What was achieved? What next?

The collection includes stories of successful grants for:

  • Supporting the Carbon Tracker Initiative which helped to bring the term ‘stranded assets’ into the mainstream of global economic thinking
  • Changing public perceptions of LGBT people in Northern Ireland
  • Championing the passing of a law in the US state of Louisiana to ensure equal opportunity for college education
  • Mobilizing collective effort to extend a local school in Palestine
  • Supporting the ideas and aspirations of local communities in Tunisia
  • Supporting a community’s struggle to overcome the legacy of authoritarianism in Indonesia
  • Supporting the fight for justice for victims of structural violence in Brazil
  • Giving children a voice on poverty in the UK
  • Supporting programmes to improve the education system in the Philippines
  • Reducing violence in young children’s lives
  • Developing an alternative economic narrative to challenge the prevailing globalization agenda

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Edited by Caroline Hartnell and Andrew Milner

Produced by the Working Group on Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace, April 2016