New Report for Environment and Climate Funders

The pace of social change is increasing rapidly in the United States and around the globe but unfortunately the environment and climate movement has failed thus far to keep up with movements for justice and equality. Existing environmental regulations have been diminished and new initiatives have been attacked and stymied. From 2000-2009, grantmakers provided $10…

New Report on the Value of Community Philanthropy

Jointly released by Aga Khan Foundation U.S.A. and the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, and written by Barry Knight, a new report, entitled The Value of Community Philanthropy: Results of a Consultation, makes the case that increasing local ownership and local accountability leads to stronger communities and should be a main focus of development aid practitioners.…

Study on Achieving Results by Funding Policy & Community Engagement

Advocacy by 110 nonprofit organizations over a five-year period has brought more than $26.6 billion in benefits to low-wage workers, communities of color, rural residents and other marginalized groups. That’s one finding in NCRP’s new study, Leveraging Limited Dollars: How Grantmakers Achieve Tangible Benefits by Funding Policy and Community Engagement. Our research found that every…

Common Vision Guide to Structural Change Grantmaking

Funders for LGBTQ Issues has created the The Common Vision Guide to Structural Change Grantmaking. Take a look – and be sure to join in the conversation. The site is set up to share Funders for LGBTQ Issues’ experience – and to have a place for discussion about structural change grantmaking.

Online Giving Circle

Attached is a post from the Greater New Orleans Foundation about an online social justice giving circle they’ve started – the Neutral Ground.

Hegemony by Proxy

Blog post by Albert Ruesga on the White Courtesy Telephone raising some questions about Grantmakers for Effective Organization’s report “Do Nothing About Me Without Me,” which talks about stakeholder involvement (for which Albert posted a great graphic)in Philanthropy.