Victim Empowerment and Peacebuilding Report

The Victim Empowerment and Peacebuilding report is a product of the Foundations for Peace Network and was developed to further a strategic FFP goal which is to ‘share models of good practice in various aspects of peacebuilding work’. The Network members work in regions of conflict and felt it important to share and learn from their practice in relation to the support of victims/survivors of conflict and to showcase the important contribution made by survivors in resolving conflict and building peace processes.

The report details a range of case studies which provide insight into the situations that many victims of conflict find themselves in. More importantly, the case studies detail the steps taken by victims as survivors to move on from their victimhood to contribute to peace building, human rights and social justice work. While each region has contextually different and very complex conflict issues, the impact on victims and their families is often similar and the learning offered in the report provides a practical tool for those with an interest in supporting victims of conflict to engage with peace and social justice work.

The report also highlights the important role played by indigenous Foundations in peacebuilding and social justice work and raises awareness of the need for external philanthropic organisations to support local innovative approaches.