Philanthropy in Brazil: can funders play a more substantial role?

Philanthropy in Brazil has the potential to play a much larger role in expanding and consolidating democracy. The working paper on Philanthropy in Brazil, recently published by Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace (PSJP) in association with Alliance, WINGS and Brazil’s Philanthropy Network for Social Justice, is an important tool for a comprehensive understanding of…

Philanthropy in Brazil

This report on Brazilian philanthropy is part of a larger study by Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace (PSJP), started in 2016, to review the current state of philanthropy in emerging economies and the role philanthropy is playing in the world today. It aims to throw light on current developments in, obstacles to, and possibilities for philanthropy in Brazil, especially highlighting innovations and new initiatives. The areas covered include various forms of giving by the wealthy, including corporate philanthropy, family foundations and impact investing, social justice philanthropy, community philanthropy, and giving by ordinary individuals.