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Individual giving in India, Russia, the Arab region and Brazil

This paper It looks at the development of individual giving in India, Russia, the Arab region and Brazil, with a special focus on some significant trends: crowdfunding and online giving, national giving days/weeks, fundraising by NGOs, and the causes that individual donors give to. It then goes on to look at the significance of the rise in individual giving; the role of technology in this; and finally the kinds of things that would enhance individual giving.


From development to dignity: a profound challenge for international cooperation

‘Some people just don’t want to develop.’ During my years of work in international development I’ve heard this view expressed, implicitly or explicitly, by frustrated practitioners. It sounds bizarre, and demonstrates a monumental lack of empathy, but funnily enough it can often be right. Many communities don’t want to ‘develop’ according to someone else’s definition…

Multiple means to reach a single goal – new paper explores systems to #ShiftThePower

In the 19th century, Victor LeGrand created an orderly, geometric railway system for France which was designed to bring about the full integration of the country. This was reckoned to be far superior to the Prussian rail system, which was a hodgepodge of lines run by 50 different companies. The French system, known as the…

Philanthropy: size matters – but not in the way you might think

It’s good news that philanthropy in India is on an upward curve, since it can help supplement government’s efforts at social sector development. This upward curve is especially noticeable when it comes to giving by individuals. It’s not just the amount of giving that’s significant, however. Where it comes from and where it goes are…

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The Dignity Project, a campaign for more respectful development

Is your program respectful? How, exactly, do you know that? Did you ask people? Development is frequently disrespectful. We all want to do better. But right now we don’t have the tools to do so. The Dignity Project creates open access, ready-translated tools to properly measure respect. There is public support for more respectful development.…

Learn about the Shine Campaign

The Shine Campaign is a unique global collaboration founded by philanthropy, faith, and development leaders, working together with the finance community to supply clean energy for the 1 billion people without access.  Shine is dedicated to ending energy poverty and achieving universal clean energy access for all to realize Sustainable Development Goal 7. Clean and reliable…

Ignite Philanthropy is looking for a Program Associate

Ignite Philanthropy: Inspiring the End to Violence Against Girls and Boys is a pooled, collaborative donor fund whose founding members are Human Dignity Foundation, Oak Foundation, and Wellspring Philanthropic Fund. Ignite is looking for a Program Associate who will play a central role in ensuring efficient and effective use of this flexible funding mechanism.