About Us

Started in 2007,  Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace is a volunteer group of 16 senior philanthropy practitioners from all geographic regions and supported by a coordinator based in India. We are particularly interested in helping funders who operate locally or regionally to make a bigger impact on questions like poverty and injustice.

Our current work is in four areas:

  1. Direct assistance to the field: helping donors to focus more clearly on addressing issues of discrimination, violence and inequality in their work with their communities.
  2. Building a network: Through this network, we have connected the elements of philanthropy that address issues of unfairness and conflict in all parts of the world. We have built it through meetings and conversations with practitioners in the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean, South and South East Asia and Africa.
  3. Creation of resources: researching and publicizing practices which have advanced giving to address injustice, unfairness and violence. This includes philanthropic practices for strengthening marginalized communities at the grassroots, building their leadership, enabling solidarity to help them access their own material and human resources and be the agents of change in their lives.Our resources are free and available on various philanthropy platforms as well as on this website.
  4. Drawing attention to and evoking debate about effective philanthropic practices: A large part of this work involves letting people know that it is happening. The Working Group does this  through articles in prominent sector publications and presentations and workshops at philanthropy gatherings.


PSJP Participants