About Us

Our purpose

Our purpose is to support the development and adoption of ideas about what makes a good society and to connect and strengthen different spaces and agents that serve these ideas.

In light of the multiple crises that have been exacerbated by COVID -19, we realise that a new vision of a good society is ever more relevant and urgent. We will, therefore, continue to pursue this mission with a resolve to #BuildBackBetter in a post corona world.

Our goals

  1. To contribute to the reframing of the operating principles for a good society
  2. To help a new vision for the civic space to emerge centred on transformative work for justice and peace and to support the role of various agents in this work, including philanthropy, civil society, social movements and community organizing
  3. To examine how different systems can create a good society and shift the power to include the most marginalized communities in realizing good and just communities

Areas of work

In order to achieve these goals, we pursue a flexible and enabling framework that at present has the following strategic areas:

  1. Reframing the narrative of a good society: We highlight and share new and alternative ideas and approaches to social change such as #ShiftThePower and ideas about what makes a good society, in particular #RethinkingPoverty and now #BuildBackBetter.
  2. Strengthening the civic space in its vision for and role in building a good society: We produce research and facilitate debate about the role of philanthropy in creating a good society. We also facilitate learning spaces for development aid and philanthropy practitioners to better align their practice with people led agendas.
  3. Explore the role of markets in building a good society: We are gathering thought leaders to share knowledge, awareness and ideas on markets that work for the common good.

Our governance

PSJP is run by an eight-member team of volunteers who serve as the Management Team of the programme and supported by a small team comprising of the PSJP Coordinator and consultants.

We are hosted by Global Dialogue, registered as a charity (1122052) and a limited company (05775827) in England and Wales.

Our people

Management Committee