International grassroots funder Thousand Currents is recruiting a new Executive Director

Thousand Currents is seeking a visionary, inspirational Executive Director to realize the strategic goals of the organization while reimagining traditional philanthropy.

Thousand Currents ED Position Description 

Thousand Currents is a boldly unique 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to building an interconnected global community rooted in love, imagination and joy. Formerly IDEX, Thousand Currents has funded, connected, and humbly learned from over 750 grassroots initiatives led by women, youth and Indigenous Peoples in the Global South for the past 30 years.

Thousand Currents finds, supports and provides grants to visionary leaders and organizations in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Thousand Currents’ partnership model differs from that of traditional funders, offering support in the following ways:

  • Thousand Currents’ grants have no strings or conditions attached.
  • Thousand Currents’ grants have no arbitrary time frames.
  • Thousand Currents’ flexible grants empower the people who know best – those most impacted by food, economic, and climate injustice – to identify and respond to their own communities’ priorities.

With a leader-full team of individuals who have reimagined what philanthropic success looks like, Thousand Currents humbly recognizes that they have an opportunity and a responsibility to affect broad changes beyond grantmaking, and is making waves in traditional philanthropy and impact investing. Thousand Currents works with donors, diaspora communities, foundations, affinity groups, and young professionals to highlight and create new models of collaboration that dismantle unequal structures and center on collective liberation and well-being. Thousand Currents offers training to change-makers, creates new models of investing, and sets up funds to address pressing issues such as climate change, all which require grassroots solutions.

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