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Now available – the June issue of Alliance magazine
Philanthropy in a changing world economy

The latest issue of Alliance magazine considers how foundations are responding to global shifts of economic power and what philanthropy might look like in the future.

The feature article from guest editor Anthony Tomei is available to read on the Alliance website.

Tomei, former director of the Nuffield Foundation,writes that three key themes emerge from the articles in this issue: the need for philanthropy to address growing inequality; a tendency to see philanthropy in terms of investment rather than grantmaking; and the need for cooperation and partnership, especially with government. This article is free for all to read, as is Caroline Hartnell’s editorial.

Subscriber articles in this special feature include:

-Tomorrow’s economy: a philanthrocapitalist’s guide

-Matthew Bishop takes on the immensely difficult task of predicting trends in philanthropy around the world.

-An interview with Tony Elumelu

-Tony Elumelu explains the concept of ‘Africapitalism’ and his belief that a strong private sector can create economic prosperity and social wealth for the African continent.

-Taking a chance on longevity: a third option for endowed foundations

-Perpetuity and spending out need not be the only options, Richard Jenkins suggests.

-Good sibling, bad sibling: philanthropy and inequality

-What can philanthropy do to address the growing inequality that, along with increased concentration of wealth, is likely to give rise to philanthropy, ask Barry Knight, Chandrika Sahai and Halima Mahomed

-How is philanthropy changing?

-A group of Alliance editorial board members from around the world offer their views on how much philanthropic practices have changed in recent years

And many more…

Additional articles in this issue include: an interview with Council on Foundations president Vikki Spruill; a discussion of the need for balance between rationality and compassion; and a look at the future of venture philanthropy in Europe.

The full feature is available to those who subscribe to the magazine. Further information about the subscription options available can be found at www.alliancemagazine.org/subscribe.

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