Weaving our Fabric in the Arab World: A report by Naseej

“Weaving our Fabric in the Arab World” captures the story of Naseej (a Community Foundation based in Amman, Jordan) between the years 2005 and 2012, its achievements and efforts to engage youth in their own development, to build active communities across the region and to positively influence the social, economic and political conditions at various levels. “As the report describes all elements of our Foundation and work, Naseej uniqueness remains very much at the heart of our conceptual framework and working ethics, the holistic approach to development and in our extended network of partners – individuals and structures – across the Arab World and beyond”, says Hania Aswad, Executive Director of the Foundation.

The stories highlight in many ways the “holistic approach”, the engagement of all stakeholders, required of philanthropy to play effective roles in social change. Most important of all, the report stresses a key value necessary for effective philanthropy i.e. to recognize the communities it seeks to serve as agents of change and build on the intangible social capital in communities- trust, time, creativity and relationships among others.

The essence of the work of Naseej is best captured in the following words by, Jerry Farrell, Country Director – Save the Children, West Bank/Gaza (2008).

“The act of weaving, is a human ecosystem, connecting all parts, working with song, art, drama, economic and social development, giving young people tools and confidence to imagine, plan, and create their futures. In one sense, Naseej never ends since one of its major objectives is to be a catalyst, to start programs or linkages that have unpredictable consequences, but ones that invariably strengthen Palestinian society. Oh, to be in the year 2015 and look back at all the wonderful ripple effects that Naseej programs will have generated.”

Read the report by downloading the attachment.