Mind the gap: resourcing rights-based social justice in an unequal Indonesia

Indonesians began the year discovering that one in every five among them is now economically secure. According to the World Bank’s January 2020 report entitled Aspiring Indonesia , since 2002, the country’s 52-million strong middle class has been growing faster than any other income group. This matters not only for the country’s economic growth, the…

Philanthropy in Indonesia

This paper is part of a larger study by Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace (PSJP), started in 2016, to review the current state of philanthropy in emerging economies and the role philanthropy is playing in the world today. This is the fifth report from the study. It aims to throw light on current developments in, obstacles to, and possibilities for philanthropy in Indonesia, especially highlighting innovations and new initiatives. This has been done partly through looking at existing research, but mainly through a series of conversations with people who have been trying to promote, support or strengthen different areas of philanthropy in the country.